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Chakra Essential Oil Roller

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Awaken & support your 7 chakras with our hand blended essential oil rollers. Each blend is intentionally created with certified grade oils & is reiki infused. 
Muladhara, a grounding blend: cypress, frankincense & patchouli
Swadisthana, a creativity blend: ylang yang, tangerine, lavender & neroli
Manipura, an empowering blend: lemon, juniper berry, chamomile & spearmint
Anahata, a heart opening blend: chamomile, rose & lavender
Vishuddhi, an inspiring blend: peppermint, frankincense, geranium & lemon grass
Ajna, an intuitive blend: palo Santo & jasmine
Sahasrara, an enlightening blend: lime & myrrh
  • Carrier oil: coconut oil 
  • Hand blended in Chicago