Our Story


Ragtribe is what happens when a wild passion for design, yoga & music meets the desire to unite the commUNITY.

We are an ethical clothing, yoga and event production collective.  
Our mantra ‘slow & sustainable is the move’ guides our designs and ego.
We embrace natural fibers, eco-friendly screen printing inks and low impact dyes.
Every garment is consciously handmade in small batches to preserve the vibration of the design & materials. Every yoga retreat & music event  is curated with the intention to uplift the collective.
 We’re not just in it to make incredibly rad garments & events. We’re in it to stimulate creativity, aid self expression and unite the massive in love. We believe that all creatures on this earth work in synergy and because of this, you will never see real leather or  fur used in any of our products.
By unifying fashion, yoga, music and sustainability, we aspire to promote creative expression while
simultaneously improving the lives of all wild things, including you. 

About The Designer  
I love making clothing.
I love teaching yoga.
I love collaborating. 
I love coordinating events.
I love weaving people together.
I love Pachamama - our earth.

I want to do these things for the rest of my life, so to perpetuate this love, it was essential to create my own business doing so. Ragtribe has honestly just always existed in my world & the more I learned about the Fashion Industry, the more I understood the need for a radical change in order to save the environment. I feel called to unify fashion and sustainability. To promote creative expression while simultaneously improving the lives of all wild things on this planet. 

I learned how to sew in home economics class when I was 11 years old & took fashion classes all four years of high school. Ragtribe was born when I was 16. I’m a Pisces so making decisions is not my strong suit but l knew for certain I was going to California to start my own lifestyle clothing brand. Following my Dharma just made sense. 

When I was 18, I moved across the country to earn a degree in Fashion Design at FIDM in DTLA. I continued on to work for a few fast fashion brands after graduation. I learned a lot about how I wanted to do things… and I realized all the unethical practices I didn’t want to carry on. I felt stifled by mass production, deceit and environmentally detrimental practices of the industry and ran fast to Slow Fashion. 

Ragtribe is an ever evolving lifestyle brand. It is a collective of all the things that bring me fulfillment. I often let emotion lead me in life - this is where love has led me. Everything I have done thus far, has been to nurture my brand. Ragtribe was actually born as RAGS clothing + designs which then morphed into RAGS Clothing Tribe and then finally simmered down to Ragtribe. 

My designs and artistic direction have definitely evolved with the brand’s name & increasing wisdom. Our focus now is consciously handmade clothing made from sustainable materials like hemp, bamboo and organic cotton. And, coordinating wellness events from festivals to yoga retreats. Our next goal is to move into costume design for music videos and create even more eclectic, custom outfits for musicians & performers. 
-Rebecca Anne Geraci, CEO & CFO


Welcome to the Tribe. 


s t a y w i l d.