Our Story


Ragtribe is what happens when a wild passion for design, color & texture meets wanderlust. 

We believe slow & sustainable is the move.  We embrace natural fibers and have a thing for hemp. 
Every garment is consciously handmade or hand selected by Rebecca Anne Geraci herself.  We’re not just in it to make incredibly rad garments. We’re in it to stimulate creativity, aid self expression, and prove that clothing can do more than just be worn. We believe that all creatures on this earth work in synergy and because of this, you will never see real leather or  fur used in any of our products.
By unifying fashion and sustainability, we aspire to promote creative expression while
simultaneously improving the lives of all wild things, including you. 

About The Designer  

Rebecca Anne Geraci  has been creating unique one of a kind designs since she was fourteen.  
She stereotypically moved to Los Angeles to fulfill her dream of becoming a Senior Fashion Designer. 
Shortly after working for a slew of fast fashion companies she realized just how dirty the fashion industry is. Feeling stifled by mass production, mad inflation, and unethical & environmentally detrimental practices of the industry, she ran fast to Slow Fashion. 
Ragtribe is the fusion of sustainable, eccentric garments created in her Chicago studio and hand selected pieces from local artisans all over the world. 


Welcome to the Tribe. 


s t a y w i l d.